We want to understand why there is a growing number of people scared of Islam in Great Britain

The Great Diversion is an independent film by David Kenny about the rise of fear towards Muslims in Great Britain.

The film follows four people from different parts of the Great Britain, who all have exceptionally different takes on Islam.
One is a member of the English Defence League, a man who truly hates and fears Islam believing the growth of Islam in the UK will cause ‘mass genocide’.
On the other side of the coin is a man who in his own words is ‘continuing the fight his grandad did, against nazis’. He is a member of ANTIFA (Anti-fascist Action).
Our third character is a Muslim, who is very passionate about community work and improving the lives for those living in the North East. He classes himself as a ‘humanitarian’.
Finally, there is the man who brought PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West) to the UK in 2015 and has since parted ways with the movement, after having an epiphany.

We want to see what will happen when those four people are confronted with one another and forced to talk about their fears.

The film will be released in early 2017, but to stay up to date you can follow director David on Twitter or like the official Facebook page.